How do I add Battery 3 to Gig Performer

When I installed Gig Performer 3 it recognized I had SSD5, Addictive Drums demo and Labs Drums. At the time I was having some problems with Battery but reinstalled it and it’s working OK now in Reaper. It doesn’t show up in GP Plugin Manager. Could someone tell me how I might get it listed there? Thanks

are you sure you have battery 64 bit installed?

did you a rescan of plugins in gig performer?

I found out where Reaper had it (although it uses the 32 bit version). It was under program files, native instruments. I looked and there was a folder for 32 bit and 64 bit so I added the 64 bit to GP(since I just read that gig performer won’t take 32 bit). I rescanned and now it added it. Thanks.

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