How do folk set up their parallel effects?

How do you all set up your parallel FX in GP?

I use GP for a guitar rig and like to run delay and reverb in parallel to the ‘core’ sound - this gives a pseudo wet-dry-wet sound as I set the core, ‘dry’, guitar sound up in mono and then the reverb and delay are stereo.

The image below is how I currently do it. The dry sound comes in to the volume pedal and from there goes both to the wet/dry mix (this is the dry sound) and also up to the delay/verb send. From the send it goes to the delay and reverb plugins and then to delay/verb return - the idea of these two is to a) split the signal to each FX and b) to be able to control in and out level. The mix of delay and verb goes in to wider which I can use to control the stereo width and then to a final level trim and then in to wet/dry mix.

It works, but seems very complicated and there are far too many gain stages involved. However I can’t find another way of getting a satisfactory balance of wet and dry, especially when the delay and reverb are bypassed - when this happens you lose about 3dB or so dry sound…

I’ve contemplated just moving back to in-line FX but I would lose the wet-dry-wet feel of it.

And possibly I am just over-thinking it all… Anyways, will be interesting to see how you all do it!

Hmmm… turns out I was probably just massively overthinking it…

Just tried out the version below using the plugin internal input/outputs (the sends are just so I can mute the inputs if I want to not have delay but keep the trails from before I turned it off) with kill-dry and it just works…

Would still be interested to see how you all do it though!

And if you attach widgets to the wet/dry gain controls and invert one of them, you should be able to smoothly go from one to the other

i do it in a very similar way, but my rackspaces are very complex. same general idea, though. i also use MIDIGuitar in a lot of rackspaces, so i am also mixing in synth sounds, and mixing the synth sounds themselves…fun! i take taps out of various places in my fx chain to do various things to the sound in parallel, and this is the best way i’ve found to mix, so far.