How can I record my Ivory-VST-output-signal by using my Steinberg Audio-Interface via the Steinberg ASIO-Driver

Hello to All,

I want to record my output signal comming from my Ivory-Piano-VST.

My Keyboard ist direct connected to the Steinberg Audio-Interface by using the MIDI-connection Interface from the steinberg Audio-Interface. The Steinberg Audio Interface itself is conneted to the computer via USC-C by using the special Yamaha-Steinberg ASIO-Driver. My Piano-VST ist the Synthogy-Ivory II.

But The GigPerformer can only record the input line-signals and not output signals. I do not have such input line signals, because my input signal ist a MIDI-Signal going direkt to the Piano VST.

So I did read your informations about the ASIO2All-driver in combination with the VB-Audio Virtual Cable.

My question: Is it possible to use the Virtual Cable together with the Yamaha-Steinberg-Drive instead of ASIO2All driver, because I cannot use the ASIO2ALL in this configuration?

How can I do that? How can I do my records with GigPerformer?

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You could try something like Voicemeter Banana, where you can route and record the output from GP inside the Voicemeter interface.

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Many thanks for your great tip. That will work, I think too.
But first I would like to use the recording funktion inside of the GigPerfomer.

Since Gig Performer only records the input signal, the only way you can record an output signal from Gig Perfomer using Gig Peformer’s built-in recorder is to use some form of virtual audio application that will route the output signal back to a different set of virtual input channels in Gig Performer—and then you can record those new input channels. You could try the VB-Audio Virtual Cable you mentioned.

You can try this

IDid install the Virtual Cable Driver, but I cannot connect it to the Steinberg ASIO Driver. So I do not see the Input cannel from Virtual cable in GIgPerformer. It do not work.
May be it would be better, if I use a virtual audio app that works as a plugin in GigPerformer.
Is the Voice Banana or the Mrecorder such a plugin for GigPerformer?

Yes, as @pianopaul suggested, the MRecorder plugin will work and is very easy to use within Gig Performer.

Wunderful! I will try it right a way…

Another quick possibility is to route your outputs into your inputs and then just use the build in GP recorder.

You can still just use a short cable and connect your stereo output to a pair of inputs on your interface and voila…

If your interface is digital and has the capability of assigning outputs to arbitrary inputs you just need to reconfigure it.

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@djogon: all of my Inputs and Outputs are USB-ASIO channels.
That is the reason why I cannot connect the outputs directly to the Inputs. GigPerformer does not allow this lines.

But in the meanwhile I did buy the Mrecorder-plugin and did install this App.
It works fine!

The only small problem is that in the Mrecorder-App a new filename has to be entered manually for each recording and there is no automatic name assignment in the MRecorder.

Many thanks for your help!

I was talking about physical inputs and outputs. Your interface must have at least a stereo output - if you split and route that with actual cables into a pair of inputs - you’d have your output available for GP to record directly.

Now I understand! Yes, I that ist a very good idea.
I will try it!
Many thanks again!

No problem - the benefit is that you can have multiple rackspaces and switch at will while recording everything.

If you also select the option to record your MIDI you’ll get a MIDI track(s) that are perfectly synchronized with the audio track

… did try it, but it do not work with my Steinberg Audio-Interface.
I get a Feedback in my Loudspeakers with loud squeaking and buzzing.

Is there an option to disable Input Monitoring on that interface?

That is a good question. I have to check this out.

I did try it out. My Steinberg UR44-C Audio Interface has a Loopback funktion. If I activate this, the audio signals are routed to the GigPerformer Input channels and can be recorded in GigPerformer now.

But GigPerformer records a separate audio file for each of the two Input channel. And each of the two recorded files is a mono signal wavw file (and not a stereo wave file) and contains complet identical mono audio signals.

How can I record it with GigPerformer as one stereo audio file by using the two inputs 1 and 2?

That’s great. If you are producing a mono signal you wouldn’t need two channels.

If you are producing a stereo signal - you simply drop the recorded files into your DAW and combine them into stereo if you want. Any audio editing tool allows you to combine two signals into a stereo one or split the stereo signal into two mono signals.

For a quick preview - you could use something like Audacity and just drop the two files into it, then select to make stereo track.

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Yes, in the meantime i have installed Audacity on my computer. It works very fine!

Thanks a lot for the great support!
For a large mixing project, I can then use my Cubase.

Many thanks again for the great support!

Have a nice day and enjoy the christmas days

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