How can I find the presets of the bx_console Focusrite SC

Hi all. I am new to Gig Performer. Thank you for this site where I am learning a lot. I would like to ask, in case you can help me in this matter:
I have a Musician subscription to Plugin Alliance, which includes the Focusrite SC console, but I am unable to find the presets for the Focusrite SC bx_console. The closest site I have found is Documents \ Gig Performer \ Presets \ Plugin Alliance \ bx_console Focusrite SC, but it is empty. Is it because this console does not have presets? Or why should those presets be in another location?
This situation inclined me to buy a good deal from Waves with their SSL EV2 console where I can directly use their presets and adapt them for my needs.
In other plugins something similar happens to me, but in particular I would like to be able to use the Focusrite in a similar way to the Waves console
Thank you very much to anyone who can help

AU/VST/VST3 version:

This will be user presets, using GP (so its one line up of the photo above - GP User Presets)

Thank you very much for your quick reply.
The problem is that in my case the presets do not appear

I think I found the solution on Plugin Alliance page:

Thanks for the help. I will tell you how it works for me

Presets loaded

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That solution requires an account with PA to read.

Please share the actual solution.


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Okay. I have a Plugin Alliance subscription, and for me, of course, it is the solution. I have downloaded the presets from the download page at Plugin Alliance and copied them to the directories indicated there.
I don’t know how others could do it without having a subscription or owning the console itself

They couldn’t – but consider that the same problem may occur for some other plugin that is not from PA and now users can know that a possible solution is to find or download the presets for that plugin from that plugin developer’s website.

I beg your pardon. I indicated “Solution” because it is working for me. Hope for everyone else it can work too. I remove the Solution brand right now
Either way, I’ll say it works, yes, but in Gig Performer. In DAW like Ableton I still can’t see the presets

Yes, we understood that — but this is a community forum and the intent of the “Solution” mechanism is to inform others about how to solve a problem. You’ll notice that the post that is marked as “Solution” shows up as “Solved by …” right at the top of the topic so that new users with the same problem can quickly find the solution, or at least an approach they can follow.

Thanks for your understanding and glad it’s working for you.