How can an iPad send MIDI messages to Gig Performer

This may seem trivial…but I would be greatly interested in seeing a midi diagram of your setup. I’m having a difficult time linking ForScore on my iPad with GP on my laptop…even with “rtpMIDI”. I guess I’m a little more “old school” than I thought. Or, if you could direct me to a useful website…

My iPads (one running forScore to view sheetmusic and one running Lemur to remotely control Gig Performer widgets) and my computer are connected together on a LAN using a small Linksys router that is inside a 3U rack that also contains my audio interface, my in-ear wireless receiver for monitoring, several 10-port USB hubs and various other bits of hardware.

Once everything is connected, then on a Mac, I use AudioMidi Settings to cause the iPad running forScore to look like a MIDI device. I haven’t used rtpMidi on Windows but I suspect it works in a very similar fashion.

forScore itself is configured to send MIDI program changes to Gig Performer each time a song is selected. The forScore documentation shows how to do this.

I also use two pedals on my MIDI pedal controller (currently a Nektar PACER) to change pages in forScore. On the Gig Performer side that’s done by simply connecting a MidiIn Block associated with the PACER to a MidiOut Block associated with forScore via “network MIDI” . forScore can then be trained to to switch pages when it receives the MIDI messages send from my pedal.

My other iPad, running Lemur, connects to Gig Performer over OSC and displays knobs, sliders and buttons with their captions as well as buttons for such things as Tap Tempo, selecting songs, accessing the guitar tuner view and other labels that display the current BPM and so forth. No MIDI device is needed for this.

The MIDI Fighter Twister (that white cube with 16 knobs) is connected directly via USB.

I use OnSong on my iPad to change rackspaces in GP. The changes are made wirelessly from OnSong over a network using an Apple Aiport Express. RTPmidi picks up the wireless program change and OnSong changes almost instantly. OnSong on my iPad is my master midi controller.

I really appreciate your reply. This answers a lot of questions.

@ dhj
thanks for sharing your “setup”. Is the Lemur-file custom made?
Is it possible to share it? Would be great!

Please see my original article on our blog

There is an example template.

Having said that, I’ve recently learned a lot more about how Lemur scripting works (their documentation was very convoluted) and there will be a much improved version available in he next month or two.

Thanks a lot and waiting for the improved version :slight_smile:

The version there works pretty well with GP 2 already, I’ve been using it on tour for several years. You don’t need to wait.

The new version is designed to work with GP3 but because of my better understanding of Lemur scripting, it will just work better.

@ dhj
got the Lemur to work, great !
One remark: The colour of a button (in Lemur) is not changing when OSC-configured to a LED-Button in GigPerformer, except a play/stop button change the border colour regarding the state of the LED-Button.

good evening!!
Could you post a picture of how you do that? The Live Logic Blackstar arrived today, and I would like to configure it to be able to do the same, I am still at work and I have not been able to try it, thank you very much.
I’m writing with the google translator, sorry.

Actually, there’s already an article on how to do this for a different iPad sheet music reader but hopefully that will help

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Thank you very much!!!
I already know how to send program changes to gig performer from my ipad, and I change forscore pages with a bluetooth pedal, but now I wanted to take advantage of Blackstar for this.
I will read the article, and hope to understand it, thank you.

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I just wanted to chime in that I was able to get bluetooth to work with Forscore to do my program changes. Couple notes: Don’t try to use Bluetooth connection in iPad settings, rather, go into Forscore and use the setup>midi bluetooth settings instead. Also, I could only get song selection to work (rather then program change) but it worked like a dream in setlist mode.

I’ve got the full program change working from For score in setlist mode. The trick is assigning the bank, sub bank (MSB) and program in the first song part of each song in the setlist. I’ve organized all of my songs where bank 1 is common songs between bands, bank 2 is used for my main band and bank 3 is used for the other.

In my case I’m using midi channel 5 to send program changes over a blu tooth widi device plugged into my audio interface.

Very nice and good to know. I have to be honest, I kind of gave up once I got song select working. With 20 ways to skin the cat, I only need 1 that works. My only concern is that if my Ipad is idle for too long, it seems to drop the bluetooth connection. Shouldn’t matter mid gig but might scare me between soundcheck and first downbeat.

Update. I’ve recently been experiencing dropouts that I can only assume to be wireless interference at one particular venue. So I’ve now ditched my wireless connection for an Ethernet cable running into the iPad via an adapter. So far, I have much improved reliability. I am gigging at a venue on Sunday morning with the cable setup, so I am expecting a flawless performance:).

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