Hotone Ampero Control issue

Hi Fellow GP users,

I just bought the hotone ampero control together with an Moog ep3 pedal. I want to send midi information for the moog pedal via the ampero control to GP. This is working although when using the pedal in wah-wah style the cc values jump quickly and are not gradual or sluggish. Feels like the output from the ampero is too slow to do it right. When using the pedal like a volume/swell for hammond it works correctly.

I have calibrated the pedal and also tested it using my Roland RD88 and it sends the midi information correctly.

I have sent a message to HoTone as well but had no response so far.

Anyone experienced the same issue with this foot controller?

Thanks in advance!

Open up the Global Midi Monitor in GP (Window) menu, and see what the incoming flow of midi messages looks like. Does the Ampero connect directly to the computer via usb?

You can also rule out GP by confirming you see the same issue in another DAW or via a standalone MIDI monitor like Protokol.

Thanks forbyour reply. I checked the global midi monitor and this confirmed that with the ampero the midi stutters and with the rd88 as ‘midi device’ the midi sent constant messages as expected.

I have connected the ampero via usb and via midi out which gave similar results.