Host Automation of Omnisphere 2 in Live

Hello there,
I’m trying to simply assign the master cutoff to a knob in Ableton Live, without success.

Here you can see that “511”, it is assign the the Master Cutoff but when I move the knob, no change is the sound is ocuring. The little arrow moves, and if I manually change the cutoff in Omnisphere the sound change.
Just not when turning the knob I mapped.
Thank you in advance !

You have to Enable HOST Automation and then just move the cutoff in Omnisphere
Now in Ableton Live the correct parameter is shown

The parameter 511 makes no sense, but if appears when you automate other parameters too.
Maybe you should contact Spectrasonics

That’s what I did, that’s the 511 parameter in Ableton Live.

No that is not the parameter 511, the correct parameter shows with it’s readable name!
Seems this parameter always is shown because it is the maximum available parameter - weird.

I didn’t it the Configure button in Live…Suddenly the masterfilter slider appeared ! Thank you again !!!

Now you mastered the 1. Dan :wink:

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Yes !! Now I have to check IAC stuff ;))

That’s then 2. Dan

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And with the 3. Dan you are allowed the create a new question about Ableton Live :wink:

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I got this back from spectrasonics

The issue you describe is one we are aware of and looking into, you can disregard the extra parameter as it does not affect functionality.