Horn and brass sounds

Ok guys. What’s the best vst for horns and brass sounds?
Music styles k c and the sunshine band, Stevie wonder and James brown.
I don’t mind buying the software so let’s here your suggestions. I plan to research all.

So you’re looking for natural brass? (samples)

I ended up using only synth brass when I do cover music (Bruno Mars, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson). My favorite synth for that kind of brass is OP-X PRO II by Sonic Projects.

I am using the factory library of Kontakt and merge trumpet sections with trombone sections
for natural sounding brass.


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I’ve been using the stuff from “Sample Modelling” with my Eigenharp Pico for years. Haven’t come across anything that comes close to being as real as what these guys have. The trumpet v3 for example comes with various types of trumpet and you can then select the type of mutes you want and bunch of other options.


How is it for Pop Brass, not only Solo Instruments but a lot of them?

No idea. I only used these as solo instruments.

Thank you for the welcome and the responses. I’m seriously considering mojo horns 2. I just wonder how it responds to a live environment.



wow. very good programming.

[edit]Ah, no wonder. Przemyslaw Kopczyk. This guy makes awesome arrangements.[/edit]

The articulations are very nice, but it is always difficult to evaluate how it will sound when playing live.

Makes sense to buy what you need on first purchase. I’ve looked at guarritan personal Orchestra. It looks pretty good overall but I don’t need tympani and such. The brass is not as realistic as mojo horns. With that said I’d hate to give 150 then have to spend the 500.

I have Spectrasonics keyscape and ominisphere so my key sounds are top notch. So what’s another 500 :roll_eyes: lol.

At lease it’s not a grand.

My hardest learning curve will be the keyswitches live. I think.

Thanks for you reply’s and support.

Btw I’m loving gigmanager.

I should have said gigperformer. I had gigmanger on my mind as I have been working intensively on that within gigperformer.

Anyway gigperformer ROCKS!!!


A lot depends on how you’re using them and what they mix live with, and what else you’re playing at the same time. If you only have one hand for horns because the other is busy with clav, piano or organ, or strings, as in many of those artists’ songs, that makes a difference too. I have NI Session Horns Pro (MUCH better than just Session). I’ve dialed in what I felt was exact replication of Stevie Wonder tunes, with foot pedal for switches only to go to rehearsal with the full band and had them all saying how cheesy they sounded. Ended up using synth brass from Arturia Jupiter 8.

Some band rehearsal PAs are nowhere near the performance PAs so things may sound different.

Rig Manager you mean? :zipper_mouth_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Garritan Personal Orchestra is most likely not something you want to use on stage. I can’t imagine you get pop brass out of it.

For live sessions I’m using Big Fish Audio’s Vintage Horns. Very well playability!
I had used NI’s Session Horns Pro, Vintage Horns sits better in a live mix.

Sample Modeling no doubt for solo instruments, Kontakt brass libraries are good for sections

Wow again all great points.

So… this might should start another topic but I will go ahead and ask.

How do you decide what to get with so many options and variables involved?

Trial and error is going to get expensive.


Welcome to the wonderful world of plugins! Just think of them as collectibles, you don’t actually have to use them :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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But anytime you could :wink: