High latency of Neural DSP Plugins?

Anyone know why NDSP Plugs introduce such high latency? I got many plugins, some way more complex, but NDSP SLO introduces by far the highest latency of 2.2ms. Note that this is not related to the interface, and the host program GigPerformer 4 is the lowest latency host I know of.

Quick comparison of some guitar amp plugins (measured at 16bit/44.1KHz): NDSP SLO: 98 Samples, NDSP Cory: 46, NDSP Plini: 50 … IK Amplitube 5: 7 and Softube JMP2203: 6 Samples

Of course 2.2ms isn’t a lot, but add the latency of the interface, the host, other plugins I’m using before and after the Amp plugin … it adds up.

Maybe there is an option to turn oversampling off?

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I think this gets talked about in their forums. They make improvements to the efficiency of their newer plugins, but take forever to update their older ones with these improvements.


unfortunately nnot in the SLO. There is high/low quality in Plini. But no settinng seems to affect the latency, Mono/Stereo switch or even disabling large parts within the plugin (effects, cab sim etc) doesn’t affect the latency.