High class notebook from ASUS

ASUS released a new high class gaming notebook with two displays, where one of them is a touchscreen, this could be a really nice feature for musicians - the hardware specs are state of the art as well (ok, we wouldn’t need this graphics power, but there is no similar model without this):

High class means also “high price”… i saw an actual price of 4k € :grimacing:

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They did not skimp on the processor which alone costs 1100€.
What’s more, this processor far surpasses all current Intel processors.
Even mounted on a personalised computer, it would certainly cost at least 3000€.

I’ve used an ASUS gaming laptop for a few years now. I’ve been fairly pleased. This one does look very inviting…

@jpt Same here. My main live machine and backup are both ASUS gaming laptops, with little to no issues running my plugin-heavy show.
This one is head and shoulders more powerful, but for that price I would expect it to be . The extra screen would be much more useful in a home studio setup vs. live.