High class notebook from ASUS

ASUS released a new high class gaming notebook with two displays, where one of them is a touchscreen, this could be a really nice feature for musicians - the hardware specs are state of the art as well (ok, we wouldn’t need this graphics power, but there is no similar model without this):

High class means also “high price”… i saw an actual price of 4k € :grimacing:

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They did not skimp on the processor which alone costs 1100€.
What’s more, this processor far surpasses all current Intel processors.
Even mounted on a personalised computer, it would certainly cost at least 3000€.

I’ve used an ASUS gaming laptop for a few years now. I’ve been fairly pleased. This one does look very inviting…

@jpt Same here. My main live machine and backup are both ASUS gaming laptops, with little to no issues running my plugin-heavy show.
This one is head and shoulders more powerful, but for that price I would expect it to be . The extra screen would be much more useful in a home studio setup vs. live.


Looks VERY intriguing, however after my last ASUS gaming laptop, I will not be purchasing another ASUS laptop that I consider mission critical. ASUS makes great units, however in most cases, any parts that need fixing/replacing have to be shipped all the way from China. So, if I have to count on it, and I’d have to wait that long for parts, I’d have to make sure I have two of them and keep them synched on configuration/plugins/everything.

I got bit by the parts issue back in early 2020. The first part took over a week to get to the US, and when they determined they needed another part, nothing was shipping out of China.

For PCs, HP and Dell have the best supply chain and warehouses for parts if necessary. I just wish I liked them as much as ASUS…

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