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I know there are pros here , can I use mainstage synths and stuff in GP?,

One thing I don’t like in Ms is it can’t do different layouts per patch vs Gp’s ability to do so

No you cannot use Mainstage instruments or effects in GP.
This instruments are not available as separate AU plugins.

When you search the forum you will see this:

Mainstage Instruments

This is a solution too:

Using SampleRobot to import sounds from proprietary plugins to a sampler for use with Gig Performer

I will propably think to SampleRobot during the next Black Friday :nerd_face:

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Another similar idea…

Just to be clear, the reason you can not do this has nothing to do with Gig Performer. It’s because the plugins in MainStage are proprietary to the MainStage/Logic family. You can’t use those plugins in any other DAW or plugin host. This is true for several DAWs that come with their own plugins, they’re generally not available for use with other DAWs.

This is the reason I have long advocated (well before we ever created Gig Performer) that musicians should not use the proprietary plugins that come with some DAWs. You get locked in and then when someone comes out with another DAW (say) that you’d like to use, it’s a problem due to all the content you’ve created with proprietary plugins.

So if possible, always use 3rd party plugins - lots of great commerical and free plugins out there.

For sure, but what a waste of a good sampler like Exs , not being able to use it …,

I never liked that sampler, Kontakt is much more flexibel and has a huge library available.

Goodpoint , also I’m so use to using Gp with audio drone pad in the beginning of each song using audio player , as soon as I start the click it doesn’t reset to silence the audio player …, so heads up GP dev. team…, when the denominator thing is fixed in gp’s click metronome , don’t reset to silence all notes off when the metronome starts , pls

I do not get it, what is the issue?

There’s Kontakt, there’s TX16WX (https://www.tx16wx.com/) and numerous others. Doesn’t matter whether Exs is good or not, if you depend on it you’re locked in.

Your not aware the click denom doesn’t change , it only pulses on 1/4’s …,

The other point is click metronome ( MS) resets audio when starting , so cuts off any audio already started, which isn’t useful

Exactly. One of my DAWs is Samplitude Pro Suite. A 70 GB sound library came with it, but it is locked in. The other DAWs I have are the same way.