Help with x-Touch Mini - connecting to GP

Hello once more, GP community:

I’m trying to replace my StreamDeck with an x-Touch Mini. Just got the Mini today, but I cannot get GP to learn any of the buttons, knobs, layers, etc.

The gig that I would like to add this to is using my Focusrite Scarlett 4i4 as the primary MIDI input.
I’m on Windows 10, and was using LoopMidi for StreamDeck, which worked fine (until recently the StreamDeck became unstable, kept turning off.)

I downloaded the x-Touch Editor, and I understand for GP, you need to be in Mackie Control (MC) mode, which I have done.

After this point, I do not know what comes next. I tried MIDI learning a simple Play widget, but nothing happened.

I also created a couple of Loop Midi ports for To and From GP from x-Touch…

And those ports do show in Gig Performer:

However, still, the x-Touch Mini will not trigger during any of the Learn MIDI functions.

I know I must be missing something. Any and all help is deeply appreciated.

Thanks in advance! :blush:

At this time, GP does not support MC

Thanks, @dhj, so will x-Touch work with GP in standard mode?

Quite a few users here in the forum use the X-Touch Mini in standard midi mode with no problems. Just set up the controls in the X-Touch editor as you want them (I use CC for everything).


Thank you, @rank13. So in standard mode, do you still need Loop Midi?

No, it’s standard midi controller so you would use its own midi port.

One nice thing with the X-Touch Mini is that the button and encoder LEDs can have bi-directional sync with GP’s widgets.

There is a template panel created by @schamass (if you haven’t seen it yet):

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Thanks so much, @rank13. I see from the various threads you’ve been using the x-Touch mini for a while. I put it in standard mode, and it’s working fine now.

By the way, earlier I had the x-Touch Editor app open at the same time as Gig Performer, and for me, they cannot both be open at the same time. So I make a button/encoder change in the x-Touch Editor, save the file, dump it to the x-Touch mini, then shut down the app, and unplug the x-Touch mini. Then I open my GP window (previously launched), plugin the x-touch Mini usb cable to the unit, and GP recognizes it and it is ready to have all the knobs and buttons MIDI learned by GP. :slight_smile:

Now I’m going to check out the awesome panel created by @schamass, who also has been a tremendous help on this forum!