Help with configuring a Behringer FCB1010 Controller

Hello GP Forum, below are the plugins I hope to configure to be controlled, I’m hoping to get some suggestions, assistance, tips on setting up my Controller. Thanks.

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You should create widgets and associate them with your controller via midi learn,
Then just map the widgets to whatever plugins/parameters you want to control.

This is all documented in the online user guide and there are some videos and and also some blog articles on this topic

E.g, Gig Performer | Use host automation rather than MIDI to control plugin parameters


There are some helpful videos on Youtube too, on widgets and I would look at the Rig Manager one too.

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The best advice I can give you is to use the UNO chip plus their software for setting up your switches and pedals. Before I acquired my Arturia Mkll - 88 I was using my FCB1010 (with the UNO chip) with very good results.
The UNO software is fairly easy to understand and there are many different ways to program your pedal. The best part I liked about the UNO chip was the ability to program one of the switches as a sustain pedal.

Also…the Rig Manager is your best friend!

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The FCB1010 has been discussed, at length, in over 50 topics in the community, and 3 more if you search for FCB 1010 (e.g. a space between the B and 1). I have included a search link below. However, @dhj has the best advice imo if you can do that.

Search results for ‘fcb1010’ - Gig Performer Community

Thank you GP Community for the suggestions.Appreciated.