Help to identify a vintage electric organ

I can’t identify the model of this vintage electric organ. Could someone help me?

The closest that I got with Google was a CRB Elettronica Diamond. But none of the models seem to exactly match your image.

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Great, I think this is it!!! You guys are incredible, I used Google Image and browsed many images pages, but couldn’t come that close. :blush:

When I was sixteen I had a GEM Phantom, I do only remember the sound, but not the design.

But why is it called model D in my doc? D like diamond? But the GEM is closest… :thinking:

Sounds all the same :wink:

This guy plays better

The first Organ in our family was a GEM wizard 327L - horrible sound, but the right thing to learn playing :slight_smile:

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And it had a “real” Leslie :sunglasses:

This page might be of interest and has a lot of detail infos about different organ models:

Unfortunately a GEM Model D is not listed

And also no GEM Phantom 61 R16 which is obviously the one on my document.