Help on midi controller on/off button + lights

I have an Akai Midimix controller. It has a combo of faders, knobs and buttons.

I’d like to:control a gig performer stock audio mixer using a button and I’d like to end up with one button that I can use to mute and unmute a channel. When its muted I’d like the button to light up. I’d like to also do this for the play/stop command for gig performer.

However, I can’t seem to find resources so that I can learn how to do this, and I don’t even know the terms for this so I can google. My workaround for play/stop has been to set up two widgets,one for play and one for stop, and then map those to my controller, but there has to be a better way. Does someone have an explanation for me or even just tell me the proper things to search, I’m a drummer so I’m pretty new to the midi controller side of things. Thanks in advance.

Yeah, every controller is a “world” in itself.

I don’t have that one… and so its difficult to guide and test how to;
there is another topic on the forum here:

also found this doc online, but it seems even scarier…

Maybe check with @frodebass for advice:

It seems this controller might be particularly challenging with the LED lights, as they respond to different messages to what the button sends out (e.g. you need to send it specific Note messages to control the LED). If that’s the case, you’ll only be able to activate the button LEDs with custom GP scripts.

IMO your starting point should be to find how to set/configure what messages your buttons send out and what mode (momentary vs toggle).

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From another forum:

  1. the Mute and Rec Enable buttons send Continuous Controller messages, but the LEDs respond to Note Values.
  2. You can edit the CC that each button sends, but NOT what it responds to
  3. Each “stack” of Mute, Rec Enable, and Slider come from the factory by default sending the same CC on different channels (for instance, the far left buttons/sliders are CC 22, channels 1, 3 and 7 respectively).

wow guys thanks for the quick responses, I’ll dig in with this, appreciate the help.