Help me with latency like I’m 5 😂

Hey everyone!

Very new to Gig Performer and the sound community in general. A friend showed me how to set it up for a theater performance where I’m playing keyboard with the orchestra so I don’t have to use one of those dinky keyboards where you have to type in a number to get a different instrument sound.

The past couple rehearsals, the other keyboardist playing the same part as me said there was some really bad latency. I personally haven’t noticed it and she seemed fine from where I was sitting in the audience, but how would I go about fixing this?

I am VERY much a beginner so I don’t quite understand these more advanced discussions. The friend who taught me how to use it said that I may need to clean up my computer in some way? He just had a baby like yesterday so he can’t really help.

Can somebody help me with this in very simple terms? Thank you!!

We’re happy to help but you have given us zero information about your system.

What computer, what audio interface, what sample rate and buffer size are you using, etc?

I’m so sorry, I’m really bad at this. The only thing I can tell you for sure is that my computer is Windows, (HP - 15.6" Touch-Screen Full HD Laptop - Intel Core i7 - 16GB Memory - 512GB SSD). How would I find out the rest? This is what I mean by being quite beginner, I am not fully sure what the other terms really mean.

Thank you so much for your help!

Is there anything I can do just on my computer? I don’t have any of the equipment with me. It’s at the theater.

If you don’t have the audio interface with you, then there’s very little we can do as we need to know what audio interface you’re using, the sample rate and buffer size you have configured, and what audio driver you’re using (that’s really critical on Windows).

Some of information is available in the Audio I/O section of the options dialog (see below) but only when you have your audio interface connected.

But to be honest, you really need to educate yourself a bit here — it kinda sounds like you’re trying to fly an airplane without taking any lessons. Look at the online user guide and get yourself up to speed with the basic operation of GP and the basic configuration for audio.

Also, there is a blog article that explains latency on our website