Hang with Gig Performer 3[Solved]


This days I faced an issue that Gig Performer was hanging when I switched to a rackspace.
Predictive Load was enabled and set to 3.
When I switched from the 1st rackspace to the 20th Gig Performer was hanging.
When Predictive Load was not enabled all was working fine.
When I faced the hang and killed Gig Performer I got a crash report when I started Gig Performer again.
In this crash report Omnisphere from Spectrasonic was the bad guy.
I could not believe it and tested with different combinations until I found the real bad guy.
It was Kontakt 5 in combination with NOVO loaded as instrument and Omnisphere.
As soon as I replaced Kontakt 5 with the actual version of Kontakt the issue has gone.

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