Hang when Changing Audio Interfaces

I set up a Gig with my Audient ID14 interface. I then took my laptop into a different location to resume building my Gig using internal audio. When I returned and connected to my Audient and launched GigPerformer, it defaulted to my MacBook’s internal audio. I tried to switch to Audient in Audio Options clicked Apply Settings, and it hung. After a few minutes, I Force Quit Gig Performer. I tried this 4 or 5 times and even restarted my computer. I then tried to create a new Gig before changing the Audio interface. Even this caused a hang. This was yesterday. Today, I connected my Zoom TAC-2 (which I use on stage). It warned me that the Audient couldn’t be found and I’d have to change the settings. After making the change, again if hung and I had to force quit. Luckily with this change, when I restarted Gig Performer, it chose my Zoom. Is this a known issue when changing audio interfaces? What is the recommended approach? Some shows, I use my stereo interface but some sound engineers request that I bring my 8 output interface for separate and redundant outputs, so suggesting I always use the same interface isn’t ideal.

"Event: hang
Duration: 1.10s (process was unresponsive for 405 seconds before sampling)
Steps: 11 (100ms sampling interval)

Hardware model: MacBookPro11,3
Active cpus: 8

I don’t use multiple interfaces, but rather than selecting my interface directly in GP, I have instead created an Aggregate Device in the Mac ‘Audio Midi Setup’ utility. I then have my interface and virtual ports added to this aggregate device.

I have found this to work well and when I ever forgot to connect the interface prior to launching GP it doesn’t complain and I then can connect without issue. But not sure if this is the recommenced approach.

Interesting. I’ve made aggregate interfaces before but usually when combining several for recording a band. I will create an aggregate with internal audio and each of my possible interfaces. If I hear you correctly, having one of the interfaces that makes up the aggregate connected keeps it from complaining about a missing device. If that’s what you mean, I can certainly give a try.

You should be able to change your interface in GP options without any issues. The only issue may arise if there are some underlying issues with a driver, hardware, USB hub etc…

If you have an intense gig file at the time you change your interface - it may take a long time to shut down everything properly before trying to reload. Otherwise you can wait GP and start it with a SHIFT key so it doesn’t load the last gig file automatically. Change the options and reload the gig afterwards.

Thank you, I’ll launch with Shift held down when this happens and add a new Gig before changing interfaces. I waited several minutes before Force Quitting, and it showed no sign of updating anything. I could imagine being at a show with this happening, so knowing about holding Shift to launch is a big help. Thanks