Hand Clap Studio

I just bought a hand clap VST called Hand Clap Studio. It sounds good and is easy to set up, but I cannot get the built in sequencer to start playing. It is supposed to start at the same time as the drum machine, but nothing works. If someone has used this plugin with the sequencer, I would appreciate a little help. Many thanks.

The GP playhead has to be running.

Do you mean the main drum machine? If so, I did that and still nothing happened.

No I mean the playhead of GP. The plugin automatically syncs to the host, but the host has to be running for it to start the sequence. In this case, its the GP playhead that has to be running.

ScreenHunter 104

Are you not using GP to host this plugin?

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Yes I am. I saw the button at the top you mentioned, but I never use it. I send start/stop messages via midi numbers using an iPad. Main problems seem to be:

  1. How to start the clapper via midi command.
  2. How to run it in sync with the drum machine i.e. how to start both together in sync.
  1. use a “systems actions” block (GP internal plugin) - it offers parameters for starting/stopping the global playhead (amongst many others). Use widgets to control them.
  2. Somewhere in your drums plugin should be an option to have it synced to the host, try to find and activate it, then both plugins should follow the global head (also follow the tempo!).
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