Hammond B-3X and program change issue

I have a very a very random problem that just popped up yesterday when I opened up GP. I have a .gig with 11 rack spaces all just using B-3X. When I send program changes from my controller or simply manually select the rack spaces, and get to one particular rack space, the VST Plug-in Editor keeps opening up to the Post FX page in the VST. When this particular rack space is selected, there is a pause of about 3 seconds in which the spinning beach ball appears and then the rack space is enabled and the plugin editor opens up the Post FX page. Another odd thing is that when I approach this rack space from the bottom by selecting the other rack spaces and get to this particular one, this issue doesn’t present itself, only when it is approached from top of the rack space list. I’m very confused to why this is suddenly occurring.

IAC loop?

As I have B-3X too, can you upload the gig file, so I could check?

Wonderful Tonight is the rack space in question.
Eric Clapton.gig (7.8 MB)

How looks your options window?

The described issue does not occur on my Mac.

I can’t reproduce on Windows either. I have B3-X but your gig doesn’t seem to load it, shows as missing. If I replace with B3-X here on a few songs, including wonderful tonight, there is no issue.

Of course you gig actually doesn’t have songs… it just has rackspaces (as songs).

In the past when I have seen something like this it’s because I had last saved a rackspace where the plugin was opened up or I mapped a widget to open the plugin editor and it was set to “open” when I last saved the rackspace state. Therefore everytime it opened that rackspace it opened the editor.

B3-X is a heavy plugin so seeing the wheel spin for a moment is not unusual. One reason why it’s best to keep the gui closed on that plugin. It does eat resources when open/opening. It is also the best sounding hammond vst hands down.

Thanks PP
The issue seems to have disappeared. Before you last reply, I went in and made sure the widget to open the plugin was turned off. Perhaps I did it correctly!
Agree on B-3X. I simply love it!