Halion Sonic SE3 Issue - Quite often drops out

Hi, I have quite a few sounds I have that are from Steinberg Halion Sonic SE 3. Quite often after a few songs, the patch no longer functions, and when you open up that patch in the edit screen, it just comes up with a small Minimised Window. Anyone else had this issue?
This is the only software I have that seems to cover what was in Mainstage.

Windows or Mac?
What plug-in format? VST, VST3, AU, …? Did you try a different format?

HalionSonic3 as VST3 in GP4 under WIn10 works without problems for me.

I think it was VST3, as that is the only option that shows. Sometimes the sounds disappear from the list of 16.
Fortunately, I purchased the Windows/Mac license, so one day I’ll get around to setting it up on my HP Notebook.

But Isn’t Apple Perfect???

Everything just works…LOL!

I think I saw there was a Search Resource in GP, where you could find all songs using a certain plugin. I’ll have to check this out and figure out what was going on.

I finally got around to finding the search Resource which was part of the Hacks section. I noticed sometimes the Manufacturer lists either ‘Steinberg’ or ‘Steinberg Media Technologies’?

Maybe the problem is selecting FX (Steinberg) instead of the VST(Steinberg Media Technologies’)?

Retrologue seems to work fine which were all VSTs.