Halion Sonic SE3 Issue - Quite often drops out

Hi, I have quite a few sounds I have that are from Steinberg Halion Sonic SE 3. Quite often after a few songs, the patch no longer functions, and when you open up that patch in the edit screen, it just comes up with a small Minimised Window. Anyone else had this issue?
This is the only software I have that seems to cover what was in Mainstage.

Windows or Mac?
What plug-in format? VST, VST3, AU, …? Did you try a different format?

HalionSonic3 as VST3 in GP4 under WIn10 works without problems for me.

I think it was VST3, as that is the only option that shows. Sometimes the sounds disappear from the list of 16.
Fortunately, I purchased the Windows/Mac license, so one day I’ll get around to setting it up on my HP Notebook.

But Isn’t Apple Perfect???

Everything just works…LOL!

I think I saw there was a Search Resource in GP, where you could find all songs using a certain plugin. I’ll have to check this out and figure out what was going on.