Guitar Wing on Windows with Gig Performer 4

Has anyone had experience using Livid Guitar Wing on a Windows PC…
I was able to get it to work for a moment. Later had no success with it detecting any midi messages sent (by using the midi monitor in GP4) When I disconnected the USB dongle, Gig Performer reported that it was just disconnected, so I tried to view any possible settings to the driver in devise manager in Windows, with no success. I believe the wireless connection works better on the Mac’s, if I am not mistaken. I had this Wing working in the past on a different PC, and there may be an issue with Windows updates. Windows used to have a 10 USB limit, so if you reached that limit, you would have trouble putting in a new dongle, even though you may have had only 5 in use at the moment, because Windows would have place holders for all the USB devises you had installed. Any tips or help is appreciated.

with the free software USBDeView you can reset the midi ports/ devices at Windows.

Make sure that you use every time the same connector at your PC for the same device,
otherwise Windows will rename it and GP will not recognize it as the same device as before, at least I have this.
Good luck

I have only used on Mac, however I had a connection issue until I discovered you can use the livid software application to choose the Bluetooth device and make the connection. They have 2 Apps on Mac- program the guitar wing buttons and the other is a firmware updater. Either will allow you to connect to the wing far more reliably than the “plug in dongle and turn on wing within a few seconds of each other” technique. BTW it looks like guitar wing is done in that retailers are out and many of the pages on livid site are corrupt/broken links/missing for months. Glad I bought an extra one. I love being able to control things from anywhere without footswitches.

Yes I know the company is defunct, however I do not have a mac or IPad. I knew long ago that they had a better connection without dropping off. There used to be an issue with windows limitation on USB devices, which I think is my problem. thanks anyway

thanks for the response. I did unplug my dongle and plug it back in the same port, but then when I opened the app to connect it kept finding more (unknown ports each time, as well as one marked GuitarWing. Selecting that still did not work for me.

I use guitar wing with a PC. It is important that you connect to it first before opening GP. Plug in the USB dongle and (I believe the manual says) within 20 seconds turn on guitar wing. If it doesn’t connect at that point, turn off guitar wing, start the editor, then turn on guitar ring and it should find it.

Sometimes it takes a couple of tries, sometimes I don’t even have to open the editor and it connects fine. But I have always been able to connect successfully via the editor. Once that connection is made, exit the editor and start gig performer.

I have done many live performances and it has never failed me. Once it connects though, I do not turn it off until the gig is over.

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Thanks for your help. I will try this sequence of events. Good Day