Guitar synth w fishmsn tripleplay

After about 15 years of playing Roland gr33 guitar synth I moved to fishman tripleplay. There was one road block after another including fishmans software. It’s been improved but only holds 10 patches in memory - enter gigperformer!

I used 72 patches at a recent show and switch almost instantly using the livid guitar wing. I use midipipe with AppleScript to change banks, alternate between patches maybe more.

I have been using the hardware patch part of the tripleplay software which sends a program change to gigperformer.

I’m working on a new setup that will use the tripleplay hardware mode and eliminate the tripleplay software. I will also go to guitar amp emulation which was hard with the CPU load of the tripleplay software.

Here is my hardware and software I use in my rig for live performance. I use scripts in gig performer to set my guitar patches, light control and control lights on my Livid Guitar Wing. I’m able to play sets with lots of quick patch changes even if singing. Check it out-

Very cool —