GUI libraries and frameworks for extensions

I thought I’d kick off a conversation between those of us who are trying out developing extensions, specifically GUI libraries.

For context, I am developing on Windows and prefer to use VSCode and kick off CMake from a terminal session for building GP extensions, though do also have the option of the full Visual Studio IDE.

I have been trying out JUCE and find that I am not really a fan of it… the whole “design it in a GUI and then have it generate commands to build the GUI programmatically” seems odd to me, though I am sure there are very real reasons for this that I am simply not aware of.

@rank13 very kindly suggested I take a look at Ultralight ( which would be a great fit for me as my more recent programming skills are in the web domain rather than relying on just my C++ skills that are rusty to say the least (apart from Arduino/Teensy coding). So far, I am struggling to set the right references and CMakeLists.txt configuration to get it to build a standard “Hello World” project as a .DLL rather than a standalone executable. Has anyone else tried it?

Are there any other GUI libraries anyone is using in plugin development that would be applicable to GP extensions?

The API does not depend on JUCE - and in principle you can use any language you like as long as you can bind to the underlying C API - but it’s much easier if you use C++

That said, JUCE is extremely good once you get the hang of it.