GSuite GVST plugins crash on Windows

I’m getting a new computer going, and I’m having challenges with the GSuite plugins from GVST.

The plugin came into the scan for plugin manager just fine - shows as green. However, showing the plugin editor crashed Gig Performer on my new PC. It also crashed Zynewave Podium - so it’s not specific to Gig Performer, and it’s not the new 4.5 release.

The “older” version of the GVST plugins seemed to work without trouble. You can get them here: GVST - Packages - scroll down for the “Download older…” link.

So whoever is getting the crash report from me today - this is it.
Thanks, GM

You need to contact the developers of the plugin.

Read this blog article: How to find out which plugin crashed Gig Performer

There are tips what to try, examples what helped, etc.

Which specific plugin crashed? I have this suite and haven’t gotten any crashes from the ones I’ve tried.

In that particular rackspace I was using GChorus and GTune. The problem arose when one of my variations displayed GTune - that’s when it crashed Gig Performer. The presence of the plugin wasn’t an issue, but as soon as I tried to open the editor it crashed. Showing the editor for GChorus confirmed the issue for me.

It’s very possible that the issue is related to my video drivers, as I’m using an AOC thing for a remote mirrored display.

Yes I think that may be true.