GP5 - Streaming Audio Player into Effects

How to correctly route Streaming Audio Player through all the effects setup inside the Global Rack? Just want to avoid any possible feedback issues.
In this example setup, Treating the SAP like an Input Source because it’s just a recording of dry Guitar 48Hz 24bit WAV file.
So far it works, but the output is just me listening with Headphones, not into a P.A. system…yet.

Silly response, but I don’t get it :flushed:: If you want a PA behind it, connect one instead of your headphones. Of course you need to have a PA in your possession :grinning:

But I think there’s a 90 percent chance I misunderstand you, so in that case: can you explain what the question is?

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Yes that is a good point :slight_smile: The P.A. is not really important, …was not sure if feedback issues would be detected just using headphones. Really just wanting to know if this is a good routing method.
If feedback loop issues can be detected / solved with headphones before connecting to a P.A.There are so many interesting ways to do things in GP5.

You’ll only get feedback issues if one of your inputs “hears” your output. The Streaming Audio Player therefore can’t create feedback issues by itself because it’s only outputting a signal. The usual suspects for feedback issues are mic inputs where the mic is placed where it will pick up sound from the PA. Components in your signal chain that boost this signal (such as compressors) can exacerbate the issue and result in the familiar feedback squeal.

Sorry if I’m stating something obvious :wink:


@zacm …this is correct, just wanted a double check. It’s working great. :slight_smile: