GP4 wants to make changes screen?

I had two successful gigs with GP last week. Coming home and setting up my rig in the studio, I fired up my laptop twice w/GP and both times this screen came up. I entered the password for my MacBook Air M1 and it went away. Any idea what’s going on here? Except for turning off WiFi and Bluetooth before I left for the gigs, nothing else was changed in my setup.

Obviously something changed on your computer - did you update a plugin?

It’s probably a plugin that wants to make changes but the plugin is “in” the Gig Performer application so that’s why you see the message referring to Gig Performer.

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The only thing I did was I created some rack spaces that included some plugins that I never used in GP before.

Well, that’s clearly a change — you should check with the developers of those plugins

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