GP4 PA version

I bought GP after March the 1st from Plugin Alliance. Do I qualify for the free upgrade? If so, I’m not sure how to fill in the form as I don’t have an activation code to paste in.

I also purchased the license through Plugin Alliance (in October 2020), so I visited their store, but I can’t find any upgrade informations.

Now I consider to buy a second Version from GP3 directly from Deskew Technologies, LLC., I need GP (OS X + WINDOWS) and … 199,- USD. :thinking:

Yeah, I’ve just asked Dirk too… it’ll become clear soon hopefully.

PA users will need to get their upgrades through PA. They have their own schedule as far as announcements are concerned but please note that, per our news letter, GP4 is not available yet.

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Ok. Dirk has just announced it, so I’ll pursue PA. Thanks

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where ? i can´t find anything


ahhh, i don ´t use facebook, and won´t change that :wink:

ediit: could you not please post here in a few words what PA is saying for those not interested in facebook ? that would be very welcome

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Probably a wise decision my friend! Keep it that way…you’ll have saved hours of your life! :upside_down_face:

Here’s a copy of the post. It’s just linking to GP’s own FB post at this point to drum up the interest

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