GP4 MIDI Clock Sync Jitters

I have been running GP3 from an external midi clock successfully in the past. I have Ableton Live sending MIDI clock sync to GP4, the same as before, and the clock gets random stutters and jitters now (this can be tested by enabling the GP metronome). My setup is as follows

I am running Ableton from a Focusrite Scarlett from my desktop PC as master clock. Midi cable directly connected to Focusrite 4i4 connected to my laptop running GP4. At the gig Ableton is run by a different person and his laptop sending the clock out. Windows 10 machines. Either way, GP3 gets and syncs clock fine with no jitter, so the only variable is GP3 → GP4 update.

This wreaks havoc when using arpeggiators, but also just does weird things since it is coming in and out of sync.

What’s the issue? I may have to return to GP3 until this is ironed out as lots of my gig relies on a stable external clock sync.

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Thank you for the report - we’ll ad this to our bug tracking system and see if things can be improved.