GP4 doesn't see MIDI from Arturia Keylab MkII

Sometimes GP4 doesn’t see MIDI data from my Keylab. It recognizes the MIDI interface (shows connect/disconnect messages for example) but no incoming MIDI data is registered using either the global monitor or the MIDI indicator lights.
Restarting/reconnecting the Keylab has no effect. Restarting GP may restore functionality. I can open a plugin in standalone mode (any V Collection plug for example) and the MIDI works fine.
As I am about to start gigging again after a long break, this is a concern since I have not found any quick fix–I either have to restart the computer or, at minimum, restart GP. I have noticed that it often occurs after loading a new gig file (I’m switching back and forth between gig files for different bands).

GP 4.5.8
Windows 11
Roland RD-88 interface
Arturia Keylab 61 MkII


Just to make sure: when you finish working with your computer, do you shut it down, or do you put it in sleep mode, keeping all programs open?

I can imagine that there are problems when Windows wakes up.

I do both. I think you’re onto something and will try a full shutdown every time. Still seems strange to me that the MIDI interface would be recognized but the MIDI data is not.

Please optimize all your power settings per this free guide: Fast Startup

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Thanks for the suggestions. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear to be related to the power settings. Sometimes I can leave the computer for an entire day and the Arturia works fine. Other times, it doesn’t send MIDI data even though it shows disconnecting/reconnecting in GP4. This has happened once so far shortly after a reboot and no extended inactivity. Maybe a driver bug as I am using the hardware-specific driver.

I have a similar problem with my IK Multimedia iRig I/O 49, where the onboard audio interface works fine but midi doesn’t, although connected to the pc with a single usb cable. I assume that the audio interface and midi use different drivers. Restarting GP seem to resolve the issue. To me it seems to matter in which order i start things. I now always switch on the controllers first and wait for a while before starting GP. Maybe the drivers for the controller need time to be properly loaded before starting GP?

That sounds like a single-client driver. See here: Jam session keys setup - #5 by npudar