GP4 and tuner - (not responding)

Sadly, I cannot use GP4.
Main issue is it completely locking up, which is most repeatable by going into the tuner. I can manually (mouse) enter, tune, exit the tuner but if i use a MIDI message (will be my use case for stage use) - it’s gone. I have to kill the task. Every time.

There have been a few times also where it has gone unresponsive simply on gig file load at initialization. Not repeatable, but I cannot trust GP4 for live use.

Are there any command-line options i can use to help dump debug info?

How to yon use a MIDI message for the tuner?

Via global options?

Just tested with a Note On Message and the Tuner appears, no hang.

You have to take care that some pugins could check Internet connections because of Usage data sending etc.
In GP4 when you load a gig you get a window showing which plugin is loaded.
Can you see here any possible issues?

yes, via global options. It imported the setting from GP3. I cleared and re-learned in GP4.

OK with Ableton Live sending a multiple CC message I get a flicking tuner too.

When I only send for example CC 27 and the value 127 the tuner is opened and sending CC 27 value 0 the tuner is closed.

What Midi Message do you see in the global MIDI monitor window.
Maybe we detect some issues when the CC messages 0 and 127 are sent in a too short time distance.

Another try, please set Momentary and test again

will do - later today when i’m back at that computer.
thank you

There seems to be a bug where switching to a different rackspace while the tuner is running could produce this problem. We’ll definitely work on this and address it ASAP.

In the mean time - please press the tuner button again to exit the tuner mode before switching to a different rackspace.