GP4.5.8 RS scroll via Morningstar MC6MKII

Have an issue with my RS Program Change using the MC6.
I have 12 rack spaces. The 1st RS (RS 1) is not using anything midi. It is set to Bank1 on the MC6 (PC1 in GP4). It continues sequentially to RS 12. All works well using the Bank Down and Up buttons assigned on the MC6 except for PC 2 or RS 2. If I am on RS 1 then press the Bank Down switch, GP4 skips over RS 2 to RS 3, even though the MC6 shows the correct Bank 2 info. When I continue sending Bank Down messages with the MC6, each Rack Space is sequentially selected correctly, but the MC6 display shows the display of the RS before it. When I Bank Up to RS 1 it will go as far as RS 2, but any further (to RS 1).
All of my PC numbers are correct and sequential.
Even if I change the RS in RS 2 to another, it is still skipped over. All other RS’s are selected correctly except for the names indicate the previous RS.

At my wit’s end and could really use some help,

Can you upload your gig file, so I can take a look/test?

Maybe something is MIDI mapped wrongly? post a screen shot of your > “Window” > Show MIDI Assignments

Thanks! Here ya go.

MainStreet.gig (18.8 MB)

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Can you show the Global MIDI Monitor window so we can see what midi messages are being sent when you switch banks? Have you defined what messages are sent by the MC6 when you switch to particular banks?

This is the result when Bank Up cmd is switched from Fiddle RS.

Program Change messages start from 0, so it would normal for PC 2 to select the third RS.

What do your other bank messages send?

I’m not sure what you mean by defined messages from the MC6. My banks all have a Bank Up and Bank Down switches defined for.

Here’s a shot of my midi assignments in GP:

I can see you also have PC messages set to move up/down variations. This is likely the problem.

How do I select my RS’s if not using the method I used?

Program Change messages should really only be used to select a specific rackspace, not to be used for something like up/down.

How are you using banks in the MC6? Do you want to have a bank per rackspace?

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Yes, there is a bank assigned to each rackspace.

Go into the Global Midi options and clear the two assignments you have for Variation up/down and then try that.

GP will automatically select the rackspace based on the received PC message e.g. PC 0 will select rackspace 1, PC 1 will select rackspace 2 etc.

I cleared the variation options and set “Use Zero based PC numbers” in Global MIDI page.
It still skips over the 2nd RS to the 3rd.

Take another screenshot of the Global MIDI Monitor after you’ve stepped through the banks, starting at the first one. Do you see the PC messages move through 0,1,2,3 etc?


oops, wrong shot.

The Next/Previous variation mappings are still there in your previous screenshot.

old shot from the one i previously posted and you replied I should remove them

Ok. That Variation assignment would have definitely caused the skipping of the rackspace.

Your Global Midi Monitor started at PC3. Can you go up and down to the first bank and back so we can see the PC messages are sequential.