GP3 Audio player automation midi change guitar

In audio player on GP3 I loaded a backing track. Can I set automation program changes for example crunch sound on verse and lead sound on chorus to this audio track? Thanks!

What sound are you playing in AudioPlayer?
You can put plugins after the audioplayer and mute/unmute them with variations.
The variations you can switch manually or by sending corresponding PC messages.

It’s a full backing track of a song.

So I do not understand, what do you mean by crunch sound on verse and lead sound on chorus?
Do you want to change plugin sounds when the audioplayer plays the verse and switch to another sound when the audioplayer plays the chorus?

With this script you can switch variations automatically:

var  vbar : integer
     DISP : Widget

on BeatChanged (bar : integer, beat : integer, subbeat : integer)
 if beat == 0 then
    vbar =  0

 if beat % 4 == 0
  then vbar = vbar +1 

if vbar == 1 then
 elsif vbar == 5 then
 elsif vbar == 9 then

BeatChanged.gig (4.7 KB)


Yes. Change sound as you mentioned. Thanks. I will try the script.