GP won't init Kontakt or other NI

Hi All, I can’t get GP to enable some of my NI Plugins, especially. Kontakt or Komplete Kontrol. They show up in every other DAW and work Standalone. Scanned several times now, made custom VST-Folder,loaded older Version etc . didn’t work. Any ideas?

Unless you somehow installed 32bit versions of those plugins - try to scan again. Select the “rescan failed plugins” option.

Thanks, but done it several times… :frowning: All latest versions…

What version of OS X? I’ve never heard of NI plugins not validating on OS X. Are all your other plugins validating?

Its strange to me also. MB2016 Full specs Mojave 10.14.6 All plugins latest, all via latest Native Access, no cracks on the whole system, tried permissions and guest admin account, no luck. I consider myself experienced, people call me for help. Actually trashed the prefs and the App is scanning, might take a while… got nearly every plug there is.

I can confirm that NI Plug-Ins work in GP on a Mac Mojave 10.14.6 MBPro 2018.

and they run in Live 10 also (regarding the 32bit theory)

Yeah I know, I have another MB2012 here where they are working too. Its just I hope someone has another idea what the heck it would be.

What version of Gig Performer?

latest, downloaded yesterday, also tried 2.6.3.

That’s a good start😋

jo, but its a pita when scanning, scans now more than 25min. I don’t do that as a sport, I have so many different clients and styles to cover, came that way, but like I said no cracks, and some NIs are working, just the fat ones like Maschine,Kontakt, Komplete not working in both formats. strange…

and Kontakt is my main Sampler, I don’t know any other accept EXS24 which is no option here…

Generally you only need to do this once.

GP loads these, but not the ones in the picture above. Same Folder. I Give up for now.!

So it loaded all the AUs but none of the VSTs. Which version of Komplete are you running?

it loaded the vst too, (the GmbHs) I am just allowed to upload just one picture.
I am just reinstalling Kontakt and Komplete.

Yeah, I think this forum system waits until someone participates sufficiently before allowing them to upload more images in a short space of time.

How goes the installation?

Not working still, I don’t know what it is. Maybe something on this particular maschine, because some few other plugins are not welcome too. I don’t wanna set up the whole machine new just for that, I have to get a new MB in Nov anyway. See what happens then.