GP with Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol S88 MK2

Does anyone know if I can map the controllers on the Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol S88 MK2 via GP specifically? For example: I want to send a songpart-change from any keyboard-button to GP or a fast/slow Leslie-signal and so on …

The (eight) assignable knobs and buttons send regular MIDI commands so you can use them in GP very easily. With the other buttons it’s much more difficult.

There seems to be lots of free space on top of the S88… so my suggestion would be to buy a little Behringer X-Touch Mini, which you may configure to your needs.
It should easily fit on your keyboard and it offers lots of additional knobs and buttons to a very reasonable price (about 40€).

Very good advice, thanks a lot …

I’m not totally sure but I think there is a way to put that keyboard in a different mode where it only sends regular MIDI events.

BTW: This is something i achieved by using GPScript… i can now switch the speed with a short press of aftertouch or by stepping on the sustain pedal or with a button - but the for latter i had to move the hands away from the keys, so i mostly use the other options.
If you are interested in such a solution, i can give you the script and help you to adapt it to your rackspace. :wink:
(I think i already shared the script in the scripting-subforum… i have to check again.)

Yes, MIDI mode which is the one where you can map the buttons and knobs adjacent to the display (as well as touch strip, wheels and pedals) freely to MIDI commands. Bidirectional syncing is also supported.

I am actually using S88 MK II with Gig Performer and the eight knobs are working fine.
The start and stop buttons of the S88 I am using together with Ableton Live to start/stop the Ableton Live Scene.

Hello everyone,
First of all thanks for all the good advice. I have ordered the S88 MK II now and will test all your hints.
I hope that afterwards I can report something here.

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