GP to set global tempo or tap tempo for Helix?

Has anyone got this working? I am trying to get GP to send the tempo of the song to my Helix via midi when I switch to that rackspace so my delays/tremeloes etc are in time. It doesn’t need to be midi clock, just “this song is at 115bpm” etc. I’ve tried using cc64 but my helix ignores it.
Any ideas?
Thank you

Does Helix support Ableton LINK?

I am not aware of a regular MIDI message that can do this. There are sysex messages that are related to standard MIDI files for this but those are generally not real time and intended for MIDI Song Files (SMF)

What does your helix expect for setting tempo?

Maybe this thread can give you some ideas:

Sadly not

I’m not entirely sure. There’s no reference to being able to access the global tempo setting on the Helix, but I was wondering if anyone else had managed to do it.

Thank you @rank13 I will give this a go :smile: