GP to Bias FX 2 plugin


I am attempting to command the Bias FX 2 plugin with widgets from GP, but with zero success so far.

It seems as if the widgets and Bias are not communicating, as nothing is detected by the Bias MIDI Learn when I operate a widget that has been connected to the Bias plugin.

Does anyone know the secret for this pair, or have a working rack or gig they can post?

You should use host automation

Widgets map parameters, they don’t send MIDI directly (though they can cause MIDI messages to be sent by mapping to MIDI parameters in a MIDI In block that is connected to a plugin). That said, you should use host automation.

I have tried selecting from the plugin parameter list for the widget(s) as for many other setups. I never got anything to move. Then I tried via the MIDI learn, which saw no MIDI.

“Use host automation” is unf. too terse to move me forward here.

I use FX 2, and host automation does work.

In this example, I have the amp on/off and volume mapped to widgets, using the automation parameters 0 and 1.
fx_automation.gig (44.0 KB)

ScreenHunter 11

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Details here

It’s probably the most fundamental aspect of modern plugin hosts for controlling plugin parameters and is used by all modern DAWs and live performance hosts. If you are not familiar with this concept, then please refer to our user guide and/or blog articles. Google search is also your friend :slight_smile:

All good references re: host automation, etc. S’been read. S’been used, successfully with other plugins.

The issue here, for me, relates to what needs to happen specifically with Bias FX 2 which is unlike others I have worked with so far in that there are no names presented for the parameters. I’ve been living in a false paradise so far with my (very verbose) synth plugs.

Ed’s example hips me to the indirection via param #'s. This is much less convenient than names - but I now see what needs to be done, at least in general.

Thanks to all. I’ll ask with further specifics if I get stuck again.

Glad to help.

In the future, if you do decide to control via MIDI instead of host automation, you’ll assign widgets to a MIDI In block using the desired messages, and then connect that block to the plugin. Then you’ll be able to MIDI Learn inside the plugin by moving those widgets.

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But that’s a problem with the specific plugin — if they’re not providing names for their parameters, there’s nothing we can do — have you asked on the BIAS forums?

It is common with some of these all-in-one plugins. I use Helix Native and it works the same way.

It appears I need to use the VST version of Bias FX 2 rather than the VST3 version in order for the communication of host automation to take place.

I had awareness of the need to use VST versions when passing PCs, but didn’t know that the need applied for other situations also.

Is there a comprehensive discussion of this anywhere?

Q. In Bias FX 2, does control of the Scenes (1-4) work differently from control of buttons and knobs?

It seems Scenes are calling for a “CC” rather than for a “Number”.

Mappings like this:



don’t work to switch the Scenes.

Right, of course. Not your bad!

If Scenes only work with Midi CC then you don’t map the Bias parameter numbers to the widget - they are completely different things.

Map your button to a midi in block and you will see it has parameters for each midi cc. Connect the midi in block to the midi in port of Bias.
You may need to set up radio buttons if you want to control multiple scenes.


As @rank13 mentioned, using the MIDI In block and radio buttons are the way to change scenes in Bias Fx2.

Here’s an example:
fx_scenes.gig (77.3 KB)


Very nice. Thanks folks!

For readers reference, here are pics:




and an updated gig file in which those mappings have been done.

bias_fx_scenes.gig (78.3 KB)

Much appreciated, thanks again!