GP rig using a laptop from trash 🤯!

​I am working on a laptop based keys rig, to be used as a test-bench for GP 4

You can see what I have dealt with in this post in Keyboard Corner:

Gig Performer rig using a laptop from trash :exploding_head: !!!

So my question is if that recovered laptop, which is a Ryzen 5 3500U / 16GB RAM / 1TB SSD / Full HD plus a Focusrite Scarlett 4i4 3rd Gen will work decently with GP 4

My first tests, both with standard racks and other adding some of my VSTs are promising :star_struck:




Well done! That ‘before’ shot was nasty!


Welcome to the community forum and thanks for sharing! :beers:

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Hello Jose, welcome here :slightly_smiling_face:

When optimized with Npudar’s guide, you shouldn’t have any problems :wink:
I use an old 2012 Lenovo with i5-3320M as spare and it works as well as a recent i7-10800 based computer… with a few milliseconds delay on loadings.

And congratulations on your restoration work and your eco-responsibility.


Wonderful news, thanks!!!

Thanks, I am right now downloading some heavy (multi GB) VSTs to my “new” laptop and will begin soon to try it with real fire (let’s hope this is just a metaphore :rofl:)

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Sure!. I was surprised when I opened it (not easy, as the two bottom case parts had melted/soldered together!) and found that the battery had just damaged the case and display, and all the rest remained in apparently good shape, as it finally was the case

Good job, and welcome to the GP community forum :wink:

I am surprise you could find the spare parts (keyboard, top/bottom cover, screen) at a reasonable price. Well done. Are there your first steps with GP?

The laptop is HP series 15s-eq, and there are plenty of spares you can buy at places like AliExpress or eBay, luckily.

About GP, yes, it is my very first time. And I am really liking it a lot!. I am still at day 4 of my test version, but have little doubt I will buy it. It is an awesome software :star_struck: