GP red screen persists after audio interface is reconnected

I’m using a newly slimmed down setup, forgoing my usual MOTU 828es interface in favor of the built-in one in my Roland RD-88 keyboard. Mostly it work fine, but if the interface is disconnected and the red overlay screen comes up, it doesn’t go away when the connection to the interface is restored. I can continue to play whatever rackspace was loaded and all of the GP-hosted instruments work.

Is this happening with any other audio interfaces?

Roland RD-88
Arturia Keylab MkII

I have an SSL 2+ interface and with that one the red screen disappears immediately after reconnecting USB.

Win10, GP4.5.8, Roland A88mk2 (midi is connected to the SSL 2+).

It can be worse though, in the past I used a focusrite scarlett 4i4, and when I unplugged the USB from that one while running GP, win10 would run into a BSOD (which is the reason why I replaced it for an SSL 2+).

did you try restarting garageband?

Did the problem occur when you used the MOTU and temporarily disconnected?

He’s on Windows!

NO, with the MOTU the red screen goes away quickly.