GP quitting out and reopening with Terminal

I was gifted a late 2014 Macbook Pro, running Big Sur. It works perfectly well for my GP needs. My issue is that GP often quits several times upon opening or if I need to change audio settings (adding and interface, lowering latency, etc.). It usually takes several attempts to restart, and when it does it restarts using Terminal. I know it’s not a GP issue so I’m assuming it’s to do with the machine itself. Any insight would be cool.


What version of GP? Is there a crash report?

I’m using the latest version. Honestly, not sure about the crash report. Is there a log or does it generate only after it crashes?

Do you start with a new empty gig, or you automatically load the last gig file?

Do you use any scripting in your rackspaces?

See here: Gig Performer | What are Temporary Startup Options in Gig Performer?

Please be specific. You’d be surprised by how many people are running version 2 and think they’re running the latest. Major and minor version numbers please and is it from Deskew or from PA?

I start with an empty gig, and I am not using any scripting.

I’m running version 4.5.8
From Deskew