GP out into DAW (Cakewalk)

Hello specialists,

first of all I have to say that GP is amazing!
I have it well running with my band now. Finally
I need to make the last step…
Before running GP I was triggering VSTs in the DAW (Cakewalk),
In Cakewalk I routed the Vst into a Audio Track, All other Micros and Instrument
had their single (dry) Track and I had two Tracks Recording the (wet) mix out of my Behringer XR18,
So, my old Set Up was:
All Instruments/ Mics running into the Behringer XR18, and from there as single tracks as well as Mix into the DAW, with my Piano I send additionaly Midi triggers to the VSTs in the DAW. Its all running on one Windows10 Notebook.
Now I have GP running on the same Notebook and I want to send the outs from GP into the single Tracks from the DAW. How can I manage that?
I followed some other threads and there are mentioned different driver, but I do not want to install wrong driver stuff before getting your advise.
Thanks in andvance.
Best regards Flodder

What Audio Interface are you using?
I am using RME UFX II and with this interface there is a loopback option.
This way the physical output can be mirrored as an physical input.
This way I can route audio coming from Gig Performer latency free into an input that can be seen by my DAW - I am using Ableton Live.

My audio Interface is the Behringer XR18 Digital Mixer.

By the way: Why do you need to send Audio from GP to your DAW when you are using a Mixer?

You can take a look at this

or this

OK, thanks, any preference?

No, because I am on Mac.
I am using Loopback or Blackhole

Do you know this Blog?

Anybody running a similar setup on Windows? It should be a kind of “standard”, if
the band should be recorded wet, after GP with plug-in sounds.

@Flodder - I use X[R]18 all the time and record dry, wet signals as well as MIDI directly with the GP recorder.

If the only reason for this routing is to record your performance - you do not need anything else - the X[R]18 has everything you need. If you prefer to use your DAW to record your show - that’s also going to work without additional hardware or software.

Just go into your X-Air-Edit application, click on the “In/Out” button at the top right, then switch to the “USB Sends” tab and set it up this way

Note that I routed the MAIN L+R to the USB 17+18 channels. I don’t use these two channels for inputs.

Now you get your wet mix on those channels and you can record your Main L+R as if it was an input in your DAW or in GP.

Hope this helps.


Thanks a lot.
I played arround with that yesterday but may not the correct setting, eas late…
That means tonigth another nigth in the pratice room…

Some of us look forward to that!


I receive the channels with your recommended setting; only the midi generated Sounds don’t reach the DAW. Ich have incoming level in the XR18, but it’s not going to the selected input at the DAW…

Edit: I got it, I have to set the MIDI Channels in the DAW „Post Fader“; then it’s teaching the DAW!