GP on Mac Mini

Hi guys, I’m not new to Gp but am very new to mac. I received a 2011 Mac Mini after a friend passed away. I wanted to see if GP can run on it. I have Monterey with 16 gig of ram and a 1 TB SSD. The audio interface is a SSL2+, with a Korg Kontroller 2. Casio CTS 500 for the keyboard.

GP is in the trial mode, as I want to see if the system will work well enough for live playing. I have this exact rig on 2 PC’s and have no problems at all.

I saved my GP (from the PC) and moved it over to the mac. Most everything is going ok, except GP isn’t sending my program changes to the keyboard. Its not out putting MIDI at all.

Could this be because it’s in trial mode? I’m ready to add another license to finish this set up, but just can’t figure out why it won’t transmit the Patch Changes. I’ve compared the settings to the PC, everything is exactly the same and works on the PC.

I’m so open to any suggestions and ideas. It’s got to be something simple.



I don’t think it will have anything to do with trial mode. How are you sending the PC messages out of GP?

From the Set List

Reselect the midi out port and see if that makes any difference. Macs have the virtual IAC port that you could also set up and use to test that GP is successfully sending out the messages

ok ill try and find that, google has been a huge help

The midi out port linked to that is defined in the Options window.

Its set up correctly but GP still isnt sending the changes. The orange midi light should come on when I switch songs but its not, it does on my PC’s

Use a midi out block in Wiring view to prove that you can successfully send a PC message out.

Yes, it can do that

And the Options > Setlist page definitely lists the same output port?

yes, i can take a pic

Might be also worth testing via the Song Part Properties midi messages, as you can set up messages to be sent to a midi out port here as well.

I can’t think why the other option isn’t working.

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Ill dig a little more. Its the only thing midi not working. Thanks for helping

Got it, could only use PC numbers with a 0 and only accept PC changes on channel 1. Plus on the setlist page i didnt have the casio selected as output. WOW! Up and running now.

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