GP on iPad

Now that iPad Pro hardware is pretty much on par with mid-level MBP’s, I would like to know what it would take to port GP to iPadOS?

I can tell my old iPad is nearing the end of its life, and would normally replace it with a standard one, but being able to run GP on iPad would definitely make me consider trading up to a Pro.

Of course, GP is only a part of the equation, all my VI’s and plugins would need to be ported as well. I would just like to know if this is something being considered by the dev team?


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That may be true in terms of hardware speeds but iOS is not the same as macOS

Unfortunately we cannot give you a date by which such a version would be available.

And to obfuscate matters further, Apple forked iOS into regular and iPadOS.

Ooh, that sounds like a tacit admission! :wink:


I’ve also been waiting for GP for iPad as I’m beginning to lose hope that a touchscreen macbook will ever make it to the real world. Aside from a souped up Windows convertible, GP on and iPad would be an even better and more portable option, while still giving me all that touchscreen functionality.

I’ll keep waiting…

I don’t think you should.
Why don’t you use an additional touchscreen on your Mac if you want to use one ?

I think it is important to think and design a porting on iPad. It will take time. Not a problem. We all need a version solid like it is now on computers, so it’s not easy.
I think there are not many plugins yet.
But future is there, no doubt.


What price would you pay for an iPad version?


That’s just such a clumsy solution and seems so unnecessary. I also own a windows convertible laptop, which literally does everything, but I would prefer to keep my audio-related tasks with Apple’s OS. I would probably just buy a new spec-ed out Windows laptop if something doesn’t show up in the next year or two as touch is important to me.

I’d be happy to pay full price as I would expect it would be a full version of GP, requiring no less work and maintenance for the team as the current version. The processing power and hardware is already there, so my guess is that it’s only a matter of time before an iPad version shows up.

I do not think that a full version of GP will be developed for iPad.
No Kontakt or Omnisphere or Lounge Lizard or Soundtoys or… plugins available on iPad.
Or Ableton Live

And GP script to be ported to iPad I think is not easy.
Rig Manager on iPad?

So this would be a total different program and not a ported software.

And I think the user base on iPad likes using free software or at least cheaper software.

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There are many plugins for iPads. Usually less expensive than equivalent on notebooks. This doesn’t mean GP should be free of charge. Maybe a higher price for multi platform.
Maybe a reduced version without scripting? But I don’t know if a full equipped iPad pro can be considered less than MacBook.
Surely operating systems are different but I don’t know details to let me understand technical gaps.