GP not recognising updated plugins

Hi all,
Sorry, I’ve been out of commission for a while and I jumped on GP after having rebuilt my PC and adding a few updates and now I am finding GP is stating “Plugin Missing” when it is simply an update or revision, both with very basic changes and fixes. The ones in question are IK Amplitube 4 and Valhalla Vintage Reverb.

I don’t have the original presets I used saved so it will mean recreating them again which is going to be a major pain.

Any suggestions?


Did you start a rescan in Plugin Manager?

If you’re on Windows and you rebuilt, then you may have installed those plugins to a different location than where you had them before. As @pianopaul noted, you’ll need to rescan but also make sure that the scan locations include the paths to wherever those plugins were installed.

Yes, as I said, it’s a totally new build of PC, so it scanned all plugins on first use.
Everything was present and correct, except those two plugins had been updated since I last loaded the gig file.

So the two plugins are available in the list of available plugins, but GP doesn’t “recognize” them in the gig file where they are used. And of course your issue is that, if you replace the unrecognized plugin in your gig file, the presets/settings of these plugins would be lost. Right?

This is what I would try to do, but I don’t know if it makes sense…

  • First of all I would do a copies of your gig files in order to work on copies.
  • Then I would make a new gig file with the last version of the plugins and have a look in the gig file with a text editor to check the name used by these plugins.
  • Then I would do the same with the original gig file.
  • I suppose something differs in the plugin name then I would try to replace the old plugin name by the new plugin name in the gig file.

But maybe it’s a pure elucubration…

“if you replace the unrecognized plugin in your gig file, the presets/settings of these plugins would be lost. Right?”


I was not aware that the gig files were text editable, so I will check that out.
Is it possible to do the same with a single rackspace, as my gig files are pretty huge?

With regard to editing via notepad, it’s way too complex, so I didn’t even try.
However, I spotted the plugin file paths were different, and on further inspection realised the main difference was the two later revisions were .VST3 files, as opposed to the original VST2 (.DLL) ones.
I think should anyone else have this problem, ensure you have the same file path and well as plugin type, just for safety.

It seems most plugin developers are moving over to VST3 and there were no VST2 versions available in their latest revisions, so I was forced to uninstall and revert to my older VST2’s to get them to work, but then at least now I can save the patches out and load them into my VST3 versions at a later date.

Thanks for your help chaps

Steinberg has stopped distributing the VST2 SDK thereby forcing new developers to be only able to develop for VST3

You know…if it ain’t broke, let’s break it!:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

What’s the deal with that?
Do developers have to pay Steinberg a royalty for using their format?

No payment but you have to sign an NDA although they now seem to make the SDK directly available for download

Oh no! And you let me write creasy things to discover what was wrong :crazy_face: