GP License wil not recognize on new install

Hello. I’m looking to try out Gig Performer for mixing effect plugins for a live show. I own the license. When I open GP and go to activate the license, I am prompted to enter my Plugin Alliance info. I do so, and the “Activate” button never allows me to click it. I have closed and reopened and restarted my computer.

Late 2014 Dual 3G Intel MacMini
OS 11.6.1 Big Sur

thanks for any help!

Where did you download Gig Performer?
Which version?

Welcome to the GP community! :wink: …,
… and where did you buy your license?

I assume that you bought Gig Performer from Plugin Alliance?
If so, this is the right place for the licensing questions: Customer Support - Plugin Alliance

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I bought GP from Pkugin Alliance. GP 4 Unlocked. I downloaded the software directly from the PA website (as it is the only PA software I have purchased that does not let you use the software manager app)…

I’m happy to head somewhere else for support if that is correct, however, the issue is not that it is not recognizing a license, and instead that the software is not letting me put in any information for licensing. After I’ve entered my PA information to activate the plug-in license, the “activate” button is greyed out, preventing me to do so. The only buttons that it will allow me to click are “back” and “quit”.


Did you contact PA ?

Sorry… GP 4.1.5


I did not. This happened at 2:30 last night after 14 hours of updating 3 different computers for audio, and it is 8:00 AM here now. I assumed the issue was a software issue, and headed to the community for help before passing out.

If you got this from Plugin Alliance, then you will definitely have to reach out to them for help. They use a completely different licensing system and unfortunately nobody here can help with that.

Ok, I’ll give it a shot over there. Thanks!

We will be happy to help for any GP related question, but PA licensing questions can only be answered by PA. :wink: