GP Hint - Add multiple widgets, not working

There is a GP Hint in GP4. Type a number key twice and then add a widget to the Rackspace. Multiple widgets, equal to the number key, will be added to the panel.

This is not working on Mac OS. Tried with keyboard and number pad.

I did not get it to work on Windows.
But it works by keeping pressed a number key while dragging a widget.

This should definitely work, but just use a regular number. Start dragging a knob, press the number 3 for example and drop the knob - 3 knobs would drop. If you press the “3” twice it would work vertically.
For drawbars - pressing #9 will insert the correctly coloured set.

Thank you. Did not realize it was necessary to keep the number key pressed while dragging the widget.

It isn’t. Once you press the number you should briefly see a message telling you that x number of widgets will be dropped.

You have to press the number once while dragging though.