GP Hangs on dupe Rackspace

Every time I try to duplicate Rackspace it hangs, beach ball spinning.

It had duplicated fine before, narrowed it down to the Relayer plugin, removed this and it duplicated.

No error report as it had to be force quit every time. How do I get the info to support to find out why I have this problem please?


Thanks for reporting. If you’re getting a hang, then the right way to collect information is to perform a sample dump.

Here are instructions (just copied from the web)

In macOS, the Activity Monitor app can take a sample of an app process, which is a snapshot of what the app is doing at a given moment. This can be useful if an app becomes unresponsive. To take a sample, you can do the following:

  1. Open the Activity Monitor app
  2. Select the CPU tab
  3. Select the app you want to sample from the list
  4. Click the Action pop-up menu, which looks like a gear, in the toolbar
  5. Select Sample Process
  6. A new window will open to display the sample
  7. When Activity Monitor is done sampling, click Save to
    Compress the file and upload it save the result as a text file

Can you upload such a problematic rackspace?

You can export the rackspace using this

Thanks, I’ve already deleted the offending items and moved on, ut if it happens again I will do as you suggest.
I must say that the Relayer is not playing well for me. Both with Logic or Studio One, it doesn’t always seem to work sending audio back from either DAW, or it behaves strangely (on one occasion it received on relay 2 when I was sending on 1…)
At the moment I cannot consider using it live, as it seems too unstable. I was hoping to use sessions in the daw where I can easily stop/start in a live situation, as I cannot find a simple way to do this in GP - I can create a start media player button (or midi player of course) but I cannot use the same foot switch as a start/stop in the normal way - or can I? I can’t find it!

Can you please try to reproduce the issue with the exact steps?

Devs will fix any issue as long as there are steps to reproduce it.

Fine you sorted It out, but I would like to reproduce and find out why it is hanging.
That is important so that the developers could fix a potential issue.

I do not get it
Are you using a MIDI Foot Controller and send a MIDI message to start/stop the Audiofile Player via a widget?

Yes, a Line 6 FBV MKII, but when I look at the options for start/stop on the Media player, I do not see a start stop,. only a start, or a sync/stop. two different selections. I’m not in front of that computer at the moment so cannot be exact, but I couldn’t find a start stop command in one.

What Media Player: Audiofile Player or the Streaming Audiofile Player?
Or use the Global Play?

Streaming audiophile player

Play is command #3 in the list that drops down, stop is #22,

and the midi file player has play @ 3, then start/stop/sync at 11. Neither of these does start/stop on momentary press of one foot switch.

Best you create a Widget and map it to PLAY of the streaming Audio File Player.
When you set the widget to ON then Streaming Audio File Player is playing.
When you set the widget to OFF then it stops.
No need for 2 different Controllers.

Hmm, I think that’s what I did, but it didn’t work…I’ll re-check.

Well that’s odd for sure, it works now. Is there a way to set the midi file player to stop and continue from where I stopped? The audio file player does that, but not the midi.

OK, please create a new topic for that.