GP goes Classical Organ "High Brow"

My son, Matt is studying for his MM in Organ Performance at the Jacobs School of Music at Indiana University and is using GP to blend traditional organ with modern synth sounds. Here is a pic of his MIDI controlled organ console, and a small clip of what he does. Granted, it is an experiment in the making, but GP allows him to host Hauptwerk (the industry standard in pipe organ emulation) along with any other VST plugins at the same time. Something that was previously an extremely difficult task.


Well done! :slight_smile:

Keep up the good work…& videos!!

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Very cool! In the pic, I thought the black rectangles were the speakers, but nope, they’re monitors. Are those little boxes on the floor on the left and right the speakers? I’d think you’d need some big honking JBL studio monitors for a pipe organ!

I studied classical piano with the soloist for the St. Louis Philharmonic WAY back, and got to be a decent player. I’d have LOVED to get my hands on this bad boy!


My son has actually played that organ in Atlantic City :wink:



Great, but I cannot display the video on my iPad…

LOL! Apples…

Oh, it finally worked! :+1: