GP for single guitarist (playback 25+ songs)

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Cannot find existing answer, so I will ask here.

I am forced to perform few gigs alone, without the band, so I do have a need to use audio backing tracks instead.
How do I use GP to playback 25 audio songs (backing track) to play/sing along? Not MIDI, but audio (mp3 or wav)?
There is the audio player, but it’s limited to 8 files only.

Thank you for your help!

There’s nothing stopping you from using more than one audio player plugin, is there?


You are right. There is also nothing stoping me from using any of my VST samplers with a file loaded separately for any of my rack. Or from not using GP at all.

I am sorry, but your answer does not solve my problem.

Hi @firstmiro. It will help if you describe your existing GP setup a bit more. For example:

  • Do you already have all your songs setup in GP - and is that using the setlist mode, or do you just use rackspaces?
  • Do you tend to stick to one rackspace per song, and so could have a GP audio player added to a rackspace to play that one backing track? Otherwise, you would be looking at having the audio players in the global rackspace.
  • The GP audio player (as you’ve noted) is limited to 8 files. So you have no other option but to use multiple of them to play 25 files. That shouldn’t add too much complexity, as you can obviously control each one separately (widgets/midi control etc).
  • There is a third-party audio pllayer plugin that I’ve seen mentioned in this forum - so that could be an option. Otherwise, running Ableton Live in parallel (controlled from GP) is another way to trigger backing tracks.

Hi, thank you for your reply, rank.

Yes, as I am using GP for some months now, I have several setups (for the bands).

Basically I am using rackspaces with variations (so, one rackspace per song, with variations if needed for verse, chorus, solo parts, etc.). I am using those rackspaces in set lists (which I assume is common way to use it).
The trick with adding the audio player to each rackspace is how I am using it now. I was simply looking for more “elegant” solution. Especially that I am using custom built MIDI controller and I wanted to use part of it and program as dedicated audio player controller (so I can play audio files independently from my guitar rackspaces, but still using only GP as main host).

I will try to find on the forum that audio player plugin you mentioned. As for Ableton - I have real allergy on that :wink:

Once again - thank you for your reply and suggestions.

If you are managing your gig file with one rackspace per song - then I do think using an audio player in each rackspace is perfectly ok (with just the one file for that song). They can be routed to the global rackspace so you have global control of the levels.
If you had a dedicated panel set up, then that can be copied to each of your rackspaces (which will also copy the midi mapping for the widgets).

I didn’t quite get this point. Are you saying you want additional flexibility to keep audio files separate to your rackspaces? What was this scenario?

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That’s a pretty bizarre answer. Why would that be your response?

The reason I asked you whether there was something stopping you from using more than one audio player plugin was because, unless you had a reason, you could just create four audio player plugins and that will give you 32 songs.

Yes! That will do the trick. Somehow I missed that possibility. Thank you!

Ah, and yes, additionally I simply need audio player that is MIDI controllable. Found hardware solution in the meantime, so I am good now.