GP doesn't offer UJAM Virtual drummer as plug in


as I need a drummer to practice and we still can not meet with the band I thought to try UJAM Virtual drummer instead…
Unfortunately GP is not offering me the virtual drummer as plug in.
In a DAW it works.
Any idea what could be the reason and how to solve?
Best regards

What version of UJAM are you using?
Is it validated or does it appear at the bottom of the plugin manager window in red?

Hi Paul,

nothing in red.
I can see that it generally recognizing the vst whe its browsing the directions but finally it is not offering it as plug in. version 2.1.1

So it appears on the plugin list and when you include it in the back view it does not appear?

NO, when GP is starting and loading the VSTs/ plug-in’s I can see that it stops at vd, it is not offered as plug in after that.

How does your plugin window look like?

I just downloaded VD-Deep and started trial.
Included it in a gig, saved and reopened - all is working fine.

How should it look, as usuall…
VD-Deep is not VD-virtual drummer…

OK, what is the difference?
I thought Deep is only a library of Virtual Drummer

Oh wait,
before I just used the right click or the + botton to load another plug-in.
If I use Ctrl + P it gives me a list in which some plugin-s are red…
Will see what I can do with this…
Quite a long red list…

If its red either its NOT 64bit or not validated correctly.

Quite sure I already tested it with GP and it worked just fine.
Did you check for sure that VD is installed in one of the plugin-paths scanned by GP?

Got it working.
I have to include some more folders to GP for looking for vst‘s.
I thought it would consider all included folders automatically.

Glad you have it working, but how would GP guess which folders you have your plugins in if there not in some standard folders?


Sure I have standard folder, but I thought it would check the folder “in” the standard folders as well.
One technical question.
The vd I “starts” usually with triggering a key on my keyboard (f.e. C3 for start and G#3 for an intro). This keys I need for other stuff already. (Piano…) Can I send the “C3” with an widget? I do not find the setting for that.
Thanks a lot.
Best regards

Yes you can:
Example use a MIDI IN (OSC) Block …
Screen Shot 2021-02-04 at 14.30.36

and map a button to it…


Phantastic, thanks! :ok_hand:

I had it running yesterday afternoon; after restarting the notebook, GP crashes immediately when I start the virtual drummer plug in.
In the Plug in manager it’s green.
I reinstalled it; but it doesn’t changed.
Any idea?
It is so far the only plug in I have a problem with…

Please post your gig file to have a look.

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What you man with “gig file”?